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Q: Is my personal information protected with your company?
A: Any personal information that you provide to any of our businesses are privacy protected. Your information will never be shared or sold to anyone!

Q: I just registered, why can I only purchase Main Matrix level 1 position?
A: Our system is designed in such a way that a new members always has to start with the Main Matrix level 1. Once your Main Matrix level 1 purchase has been approved your account is fully active. From this moment onwards you can purchase more positions at the Main Matrix and purchase positions in the Bronze, Silver and Gold matrixes. See also the Question: "What is the recommended order to purchase positions?" below.

Q: If I made a payment, can I ask for a refund?
A: No, due to the nature of the program all payments made are directly made to another member and we do not control this.

Q: Can I purchase several positions in the matrixes at the same time by making only 1 payment?
A: No, because the program is a member to member payment program, Admin does not receive the payments. Each purchase must be APPROVED by the member who received the payment before you are able to purchase the next level. You can always send an email to the member you paid to inform him of your payment and ask to approve it soonest.

Q: What if a member I paid does not approve my payment?
A: Payments made are AUTOMATICALLY APPROVED after 48 hours if the member who received it does not approve a payment. If a member did not received a payment included in his pending payments section, he must DENY the payment in his back office within 48 hours! If not the payment will be approved automatically and this can not be undone!

Q: What if I do not receive a payment mentioned in my pending payments?
A: If you did not received a payment included in your pending payments section within 48 hours after the payment was made you MUST DENY the payment in your back office within 48 hours!  However, give the payee sufficient time to complete the payment and give him about 40 hours or so to do so. See also the previous Question above.

Q: What is the recommended order to purchase positions?
A: When you are a new member you can only purchase the MAIN MATRIX level 1. Only when your payment for this is approved can you purchase more positions at the different Matrixes and levels.


  1. Purchase MAIN Matrix level 1
  2. Purchase MAIN Matrix level 2 (if you can afford it do this immediately after your first purchase is approved to avoid missing out on payments from your down line members or from Spill over if they decide to buy before you did)!
  3. As soon as your MAIN Matrix level 1 has 1 member, purchase BRONZE Matrix level 1
  4. When your MAIN Matrix level 2 and/or your BRONZE Matrix level 1 has 1 member (whatever is first) purchase BRONZE Matrix level 2

Continue like this for the purchase of the other levels of the BRONZE Matrix and the other SILVER Matrix (3 levels) and GOLD Matrix (4 levels).
The best  strategy is to ALWAYS STAY AHEAD at least 1, but preferibly 2, levels than your downlines!